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Api-Bioxal.  Treats Hives against Varroa by trickling or vapourisation method. Advantages: Excellent efficacy and tolerance.

Sold in packs of 35g (treats 10 hives) 

Expiry date: 30/4/22

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Powder dissolves easily in syrup at room temperature. Produces 4.2% solution. Permitted in organic beekeeping. Is is important to dissolve the powder as per manufacturer's instructions - see below table and instructions enclosed with product. Dissolve all the powder of the sachet in the sugar syrup prepared as follow: SACHET 35g SUGAR 308.6g WATER 308.6ml SYRUP 500ml Dosage: Trickle 5ml of the prepared solution onto each brood-frame of bees Following the table instructions you can measure the exact volume, alternatively you may measure and mix sugar and water in excess (for example 400g of sucrose and 400 ml of water) and take just 500 ml of this solution to dissolve the 35 g sachet. Trickling Method: 5ml per brood frame. Vapourisation Method: 2.3g per colony. Protective gloves, mask and glasses should be worn when handling the product. Expiry date: 03/4/22


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