Thymol Crystals

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Thymol Crystals which can be used as a fungicide in syrup feeds. Instructions for use below.

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Thymol is included in a list of approved EC products (Regulation 1804/1999) as a "non-medicinal curative substance" for treating Varroa.

Spring/Summer Use

Apply Mid-March to the end of April when the air temperature has increased.  Remove before honey flow but can be left in the hive until August. Thymol evaporates slowly during the months of May, June and July, disrupting the breeding cycle of Varroa.  This reduces build up of mites during the active season.

Instructions for use:

1. Prepare a sachet (similar size to a tea bag) from fine material.

2. Place two x teaspoonful (10gm) of Thymol into the sachet and seal.

3. Place sachet on top of brood frames in the centre, below the Queen Excluder.

Autumn Use

Thymol can be used in the Autumn feed with beneficial effects for the bees in controlling Nosema.  It also prevents sugar syrup from fermenting.

1. Dissolve 20gm Thymol Crystals in 100ml Surgical Spirit (for smaller amounts use the same proportions of mix, e.g. 10gm Thymol to 50ml Surgical Spirit).

2. Add one teaspoonful of mix per 3 Gallons of sugar syrup feed.

3. Feed to bees.


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