Candipolline Gold

VAT included

Nutrient rich Candipolline Gold - sugar candy with added proteins, sterilised pollen and vitamins.

Composition: sugar (beet) sucrose, sugar syrup, sterilised pollen, caseinate, albumin, glycerol

Additives: Vitamins: E300 L-ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) 400 IU / kg

How to use: puncture the bag and place it on top of the frames or on the hole of the Crown Board.

Sold in single 1kg bags or 12kg box (12 x 1kg bags).  Please select. EXPIRY DATE: 04/22

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Can be used as normal candy. Make a hole in the plastic bag and lay it inside the beehive - on top of the frames or over the hole in the crownboard. Many studies show that feeding bees with pollen, in addition to stimulating the development of the brood, helps the bees to prevent many pathologies. Candipolline Gold can be used at any time of year and there is no limit to the quantity you can administer. 500g to 1kg per hive is recommended.


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